Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sport Day Business Management

Today we have “Sport Day for Business Management Students”  this Sport Day for student part 1, part 2 and part 3 only. Business Management had seven courses.. Each of the students had to wear the coloured sport tshirt based on the courses taken. I have to wear yellow colour since I’m finance course. There have 7 courses:
·        Finance (Yellow)
·        Retail (Blue)
·        Economics (Pink)
·        Islamic Banking (Green)
·        Marketing (Red)
·        Entrepreneurship (Orange)
·        Insurance (Purple) 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Skipping Co-Curriculum Class

Co-curriculum for today is cancel!! Hehehehe actually not cancel just I did not came because I have KI (Kemahiran Insaniyah). It is important because if we don’t attend that program, we have to repeat again for second semester.
I not back to my home but going to my aunt house. She lives at Pelabuhan Klang. Remember right, I have tell you than I became a tutor for my cousin, Rafiq. Simply difference now is just me, Yok could not attend because she have plans. I teach him mathematics. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Quiz MGT 420

As notified last week, today is a quiz MGT 420 for chapter 1. What I learn last night, it came out hehehe just want the question is subjective, hmmmm I just remember the point but not the explanation L . It  okey ! Past is the past… I’m trying to do my very best.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unexpectedly Quiz

Today, surpriseeeeee !!!  Quiz eco.. but thankssss god , yes we have quiz butt we can open the bookkkkkkkkk.. hahahahaha thanks you madam J . Luckily, madam allow us to open the book but with one condition we not allow to discuss with friends. It okey madam, as long as we can open the book J

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mandarin Class

We don’t have class today. AGAIN huhu :D … we just sign the attended and class end hee.. oh yeah ! lecturer said that our mandarin class will start in 3 October.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Drama ?!

First of all, datin ask us to said “1,2,3”.. we look like dizzy because why we have to say that. After last person say her number, then Datin told us to get into our group by the number we say before.  My number is 3 so I went to group 3. Suddenly, datin says that this is your group for drama. We were like ‘what!!! drama?? It look like we have to act’… we were very shocked and datin make another surprise. She told us to make our own script. Okey, throughout my life, I never act and also write script but, suddenly datin told us that the script was writing by scrip writer, so we have to appoint how have to be scrip writer. In my group, scrip writer were Amni and Amira. About the drama, we decided to make a drama like “oh! My English” because since like Lisa have in our group member so why not she will be our teacher hehe and actually each group have one students from Germany.



  • When a Bill is first introduced in one of the two houses, only the title is actually read. After the Bill is passed at this stage, the text is printed and distributed


  • Members debate the Bill. If accepted, the Bill is passed on for consideration by a committee of the house.
  • Considers the Bill in detail and may amend any part of it. The Committee then submits a report on the Bill to the house. If the report is approved, the Bill goes on to a third reading in the House.
    • Debate takes place and amendments may be put to a note. The House then either passes or defeats the Bill.
    • When a Bill has passed one House, it is sent to the other house, where it follows a similar pattern. If the second house amends the Bill, the Bill must be returned to the first house for its approval
    • When the Bill has passed both Houses in accordance with Art. 68 (Fed. Consti.), it is sent to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong for the Royal Assent. The Bill then becomes a law upon publication.


    1.     Binding
    ·     All decisions of higher courts bind the lower courts
    ·    The higher courts are bound by their own decision
    2.     Persuasive
    ·    HC (High Courts) Judges are not bound to follow the decisions from outside of the Malaysian Courts.

    • Decisions of Federal Court(FC) binds all lower courts
    • Court Of Appeal (COA) is bound by the decision of FC. COA’s decision is binding on all lower courts. COA is also bound by its own decision
    • HC decision is binding on all subordinate courts
    • Bound by the decisions of the superior courts.

    Courts are divided into two categories:
      (i)  Superior Courts:
    •   -    Federal Court
    •   -    Court of Appeal
    •   -    High Court

      (ii)  Subordinate Courts:
    •   -    Sessions Court
    •   -    Magistrates’ Court
    •   -    Magistrates’ Court for Children

    Monday, September 24, 2012


    A measure of the responsiveness of one variable (usually quantity demanded or supplied) to a change in another variable especially price.

    Qdx = f(Px)
    QSx = f(Px)
    ∆ Px effect ∆ Qd & ∆Qs
    •  Ep = Price elasticity

    EP = % ∆ Qdx ÷ ∆ Px   OR  %∆Qsx ÷ ∆Px
    • Ec = Cross elasticity

    Qdx = f (P Subtitude)
    Qdx = f (P Complimentery)

    Ec = % ∆ Qdx ÷  ∆ P subor complimentery
    •  Ey = Income elasticity

    Qdx = f (Y)

    Ey = % ∆ Qdx  ÷  % ∆y

    Sunday, September 23, 2012

    Tuition Class

    Last night, my father takes us dinner at Ampang. We eat Steamboat until satiated. After dinner, my father takes us see atmosphere at KL. After that, because we all were satiated, reached at home we all straight go to sleep besides, we reached at home at 2 am. I wake up at 10.30 am. I was helping my mom cooking and take a bath. After we finish eating our lunch, tarahhhh  !!!  The tuition class.. huhuhu Tuition class start at 2 pm. I teach his about mathematics and Yok teach his about science and English. Finish tuition class hehe to relax his mind, we going out at Wangsa Walk to wacth the movie. We going back to home at 7.00 pm and guess what my aunt at my home. she come to take her son and also send me back to my university. I arrived at Uitm around 10. Oh yeah Yok back with her car.

    Saturday, September 22, 2012

    Program 3K

    We have a program today. It is program 3K. We have to assemble in DATC at 8'oclock in the morning but program start at 10 o'clock. so we waiting in the hall for 2 hours. actually we waiting for national police chief. He has to attend another program at parade field. that program just involves all members of SUKSIS only. the program finish at 12 noon. they give us a food and drink. after end the program i calling my mom, she will takes me at 1.00 pm.
    after my parents takes me, we stop off at my aunt house to take my cousin, Rafiq. he will stay at my house until this weekend because me and another my cousin, Yok will teach him for his examination.

    Friday, September 21, 2012

    No Class

    Lecturer still not coming. So we can back to back hehehe 


    MGT 420 classes in AC666 at 8.30 am. My MGT 420 class is Madam Norita. We discuss about chapter 1 (introduction to management). And guess what hahaha we have quiz next week… ohh myyyy seriously!!! Okey I have learn this subject in Matriculation, just the different is I learn in malay but in uitm English.. it okey I take the challenges..  nothing is easy in life to be succeed..

    • Figurehead = performs ceremonial & symbolic duties.
    • Leader = maintain information link both inside and outside an organization. Such as phone call meeting
    • Liaison = direct & motivation subordinates, guides and communicate with subordinates.


    • Monitor = managers continually scan the internal and external environments of their organizations for useful information
    • Disseminator = managers share and distribute  the information so that the employees can perform their work
    • Spokesperson = managers must often communicate information to individual outside their units and their organization


    • Entrepreneur = managers initiates projects that capitalizes on opportunities that have been identified
    • Disturbance handler = they must cope with conflict and handle disturbances
    • Resource allocator = managers determine which projects will receive organizational resources
    • Negotiator = managers spend a good portion of their time negotiating with employees, suppliers and others.

    Thursday, September 20, 2012

    Lecture of Management

    Introduction to Management

    1.1  What is Management

    Management is the process of administering and coordinating resources effectively, efficiently, and in an effort to achieve the goals of the organization. 


    • PLANNING - Setting goals and defining the actions necessary to achieve those goals.
    • ORGANIZING - Process of determining the task to be done, who those task will be managed and coordinated.
    • LEADERSHIP - Capacity to direct and motivate the numbers of work groups toward the accomplishment of organization skill.
    • CONTROLLING - Monitoring the performance of the organization and its progress in implementing strategic and operational plans.

    1.2 Levels of Management

    •        TOP MANAGERS - Have ability to think, analyze causes, effects and consequences. Eg : CEO.
    • MIDDLE MANAGERS - To allocate resource effectively and manage who supervise the work group so that the overall goals of the organization can be achieved. Eg : Department Head.
    • FIRST-LINE MANAGERS - To ensure that the products and services of their organizations are delivered to customers on a day to day basic. Eg : Production Supervisor.

    1.3 Managerial Skills

    TECHNICAL SKILLS - To utilize the knowledge of tools, techniques, and procedures that are specific to a particular field.

    HUMAN SKILLS - To work effectively with one's own work group as well as others within the organization (internal and external)

    CONCEPTUAL SKILLS - Ability to process large amount of information (internal and external) and determine its implication.

    1.4 Managerial Roles

    Role is the basic behavior that is expected in a particular situation.
    • INTERPERSONAL ROLES - The manager's responsibility for managing relationship with organizational members and other constituents.
    • INFORMATIONAL ROLES - The manager's responsibility for gathering and disseminating information to the stakeholders of the organization.
    • DECISIONAL ROLES - The manager's responsibility for processing information and reaching conclusions.

    Wednesday, September 19, 2012

    Sign and End

    Mandarin class. We just have to sign the attended and the class end J but I can’t back to my hostel because i have another class. It is BEL 403..

    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    Malaysian Legal System

    First topic for Law 416..That is Sources of Law in Malaysia .. Sources of Law in Malaysia has 3 types which is: 

    WRITTEN LAW - The most important source of law. 

    • The Federal Constitution
    • The State Constitution
    • Legislation
    • Subsidiary Legislation

    UNWRITTEN LAW - Simply that portion of Malaysian Law which is not written. Unwritten law is found in cases decided by the courts, local customs.

    • English Law
    • Customs 
    • Judicial Precedent

    • Primary Sources: Al-Quran & As-Sunnah
    • Secondary SourcesIjma’, QiyasIjtihad 
    • Ramah v. Laton (1927) 6 FMSLR 1278; Islamic law is not foreign law but local law and the law of the land. 

    Monday, September 17, 2012

    Public Holiday

    Actually 16 September is the day 1 Malaysia. it is a public holiday. Due to the public holiday falls on a Sunday, so the government had shift the public holiday forwarded to Monday. So Monday is holiday :) no classes and I still at home :)

    Sunday, September 16, 2012

    Back House

    After finished co-curriculum around 12 noon, I calling my dad to take me home. Journey from my house to UiTM Shah Alam just takes 45 minutes if my dad use highway. Here I am, at home J

    Saturday, September 15, 2012

    First Co-Curriculum

    Today is our first co-curriculum meeting. We have to assemble at parade field behind Mawar College at 8.00 o'clock in the morning. We be given explanation of the course for first semester.  Students who was entering PKLN (Program Latihan Khidmat Negara), students who continue Degree from Diploma, they can get credit exemption for co-curriculum for one semester. There are many uniformed bodies offered to us, such as Kesatrian Bational, PALAPES (army), SUKSIS (police), SISPA (civil defense) and etc. I choose SISPA. We have to take a physical fitness test before entering SISPA. 

    Friday, September 14, 2012

    Law Class

    No class for tutorial classes. Maybe we don’t have lecturer yet. But I think it okey, for LAW 416 because I have learn in lecture on Tuesday. 

    Just Sign

    For MGT 420, our lecturer unable to attend because her father sick. We just sign the attendance  and class end J

    Thursday, September 13, 2012

    Introduction of Economics

    ECO 415 class in AC 450 at 2.10 pm.  My ECO 415 lecturer is DR. Siti Asiah Said. 
    First session, she explain to us about:

    ü Test 1 = 10 %
    ü Test 2 = 10 %
    ü Presentation = 10 %                 
    ü Case study = 10 %
    ü Individual marks = 10 %
    ü 50% marks + 50% marks (final exam)

    Second session:
    Economics is a study of how individual and societies use limited resources to satisfy unlimited wants or demands.
    Qx = f (input)
    Microeconomics is a study on how people making decision in term of small/ single/ a unit form (small area) where there is a problem of limited wants vs limited resources.
    Macroeconomics is a study of human behavior (making decision) in a very wide big activities as a whole.
    Main economics concept
    • Where demand unlimited facing the resources supply very limited (DD>SS).

    • The sequences are individual and societies must choose among available alternatives in order to achieve optimum satisfaction.

    Opportunity cost
    • Whenever one of the option has been made, the second best option should be forget. The cost of the second alternative for go will be identified as opportunity cost.  
    Basic Economic Question
    Based on the price and demand/supply of goods
    Based on the production and cost of the product (technique)
    Based on the target market.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2012

    First class ;)

    Class BEL 417 at 4.10 pm.. Our class at BM201... My BEL lecturer is Datin Umminajah Binti Salleh.. First session is ice breaking..We introduce ourself to all the classmate.. Almost all of us from matriculation college.. There is from Selongor Matriculation, Perlis Matriculation, Pahang Matriculation, and mostly from Melaka Matriculation College...After ice breaking session,

    Datin tell us to come out a piece of paper and a pen...andddd hahahaa write an essay about myself...even it is easy but usually in the evening my brain is not functioning well so to me for write an essay is a little difficult because i do not have an idea hehehe..Datin only give us 15 minutes to write..since i'm in short on time, i just write what is comes in my mind..usually when i do it without thinking, i will make a lot of grammar mistake..but at least i send and complete my task =)

    Tuesday, September 11, 2012

    First Lecture LAW 416

    Wake up at 6.30 a.m...Get ready for law class.. LAW 416 class at DK B.. My law lecture is Madam Fazlin Binti Mohd Zan..Our class share the same lecture with student from retail courses..She tell and explain to us briefly what we will learn in LAW for first semester.

    There are 7 topics :
    1. Malaysian Legal System
    2. Law of Contact
    3. Sale of Good
    4. Law of Agency
    5. Huger Purchase
    6. Negotiable Instroumen
    7. Partnership & Company
    For final exam :
    • 7 essay question
    • Answer only 4 question
    • 40%  (Tutorial)
    • 60%  (Final)

    Monday, September 10, 2012

    First Day

    This is my first day at Faculty Business Management

    First thing to do is entering DK A ...There is a briefing session on the course that we take .. I took course

    BM222 - Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Finance

    Briefing session all about :

    • how we want to register the subject
    • requested exceptions credit
    • how to drop a subject that we have already taken before entering UiTM

    End of briefing at 10.30 a.m
    I go to the library after the briefing end for register the subject ..
    First time i do it for myself...This is an experience I can not forget ..often this have been available by the administration but when you entering universities all you have to do it by yourself